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HackTheBox – Help New

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00:49 – Begin of recon
01:45 – Running gobuster to find /support
02:50 – Searching for a way to find version of HelpdeskZ
03:35 – Reading over the File Upload exploit script to see it requires server time
05:10 – Uploading a PHP Reverse Shell Script
07:45 – Going back to GitHub to find where uploads are saved
09:10 – Begin of modifying the script to pull the server time out of HTTP Headers
10:30 – Figuring out the python to pull the \”Date\” HTTP Header
14:30 – Getting the Time Format right with STRFTIME.COM
19:40 – Testing out the exploit and getting a shell
23:20 – Discovery of an old kernel, looking for an exploit
24:30 – Copying the exploit, compiling, and privesc!
25:50 – Looking into port 3000
27:00 – /graphql discovered
27:42 – Dumping the schema to discover what data is inside
30:15 – Dumping username, password from the database
32:12 – Logging into HelpdeskZ
33:40 – Discovering the Boolean SQL Injection
34:50 – Running SQLMap
36:00 – Explaining the Injection
37:10 – Begin of creating a python script to exploit this

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 Update  HackTheBox - Help
HackTheBox – Help New

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