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하이클래스군무원 Update New

하이클래스군무원 강의가 최고에요; 군무원 전문학원 하이클래스군무원 하이클래스군무원 선택이 최종합격까지; 코로나라서 공부 하기 힘든데, 공부할 수 있는 환경은 물론 교수님의 열정이 높은 하이클래스 군무원입니다.

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[MV] GD\u0026TOP – High High HD Update

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i did not own this video!\r
thx 4 watching!!

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 Update  [MV] GD\u0026TOP - High High HD
[MV] GD\u0026TOP – High High HD New Update

하이투자증권-시스템트레이딩의 리더 – Update New

하이투자증권 홈페이지, 실시간 증권거래, 최고의 리서치, 다양한 금융상품,자산관리

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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) \”Hi High\” Update New

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[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOOΠΔ) \”Hi High\”
LOOΠΔ [+ +]‘+ +’ represents the ‘plus plus’ effect LOOΠΔ 1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE, yyxy, and YeoJin gather to create.
LOOΠΔ was born in its own universe with three uniquely structured teams. In other words, it was not designed as a group diving up into three units, but three teams were built to create one universe.
LOOΠΔ 1/3 is a combination of girls present on planet earth. These girls portray the most realistic and practical sceneries that can easily be found on the streets or in school. HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul and ViVi start their stories in France, Japan, Iceland, and Hong Kong to become unified as one.
LOOΠΔ / ODD EYE CIRCLE places itself in between the earth and the cosmos. The beginning of ODD EYE CIRCLE was by looking at three moons (ODD). Mutative, or varietal, girls gather to form the ODD EYE CIRCLE, and show themselves by taking control in love relationships instead of waiting passively.
LOOΠΔ / yyxy was also known as ‘Edenism’ as it was placed beyond the earth of 1/3 and the middle earth of ODD EYE CIRCLE, in the place where we call ‘utopia’. But, the girls of Eden decide to deny the rules of Eden to venture off on a forbidden quest to find their identities. The emotions of each girls, faith, hope, love, and anger gather to form a being named yyxy.
As the title suggests, the first track ‘+ +’ is a mash-up of the intro tracks of the albums by LOOΠΔ 1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE, and yyxy.
The titled track ‘Hi High’ is a song in the genre of Hi Energy, emitting positive energy that the gathering of the twelve members create. The desire to play hard-to-get is portrayed in the lyrics through the characters of each member. HeeJin says, “I don’t want to pass my love on to you so easily,” while HyunJin says, “because I’m that pretty girl,” and Choerry says, “I’m not playing hard-to-get but boys will be boys, watch out, watch out,” telling what is on their minds candidly. The high BPM like a high-speed sprint along with melodies pouring down, and splendid track arrangements forces the listeners to hold their breath and focus on the music.
The official music video of ‘Hi High’, directed by the visual director Digipedi, narrates how LOOΠΔ 1/3 meets ODD EYE CIRCLE, and how these girls unite with yyxy to soar to the sky, with countless visual symbolisms hidden in the scenes.
The lead-off single ‘favOriTe’ is the iconic signature sound of LOOΠΔ, completed with beats and synth stabs that previous girl-groups have never tried before.

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‘열기 (9)’, is a track that proves a point that even without aggressive tempo, the temperature of the music can become heated up by the fervor of the girls. Along with it, a track with commercial sound that grabs you like love at first sight, ‘Perfect Love’, and a musical suggestion for you to become brave through the luxury of imagination that everyone cherishes in a corner of their hearts, ‘Stylish’ complete [+ +], the first album of LOOΠΔ with musical elements of LOOΠΔ 1/3, ODD EYE CIRCLE, and yyxy.
LOOΠΔ, building LOONAverse with belief and certainty, finally gathers all twelve members and stands on their first stepping stone.
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 New  [MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) \
[MV] 이달의 소녀 (LOONA) \”Hi High\” Update

하이홈테크 – HIHOMETECH New Update

하이홈테크 단열벽지가 리뉴얼이 되었습니다! 리뉴얼 된 하이홈테크 단열벽지는고단열, 기능성두 가지라인으로고단열 라인 :일반 단열벽지…

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[EVENT] 소름돋는 할인매장, 항균벽지 달달..

안녕하세요 하이홈텍입니다 😊 날씨가 많이 쌀쌀해지면서 단열벽지를 찾는 고객님들이 점점 늘어나고 있습니다! 단열 벽지를 찾는 고객을 위한 서프라이즈.

【TVPP】GD\u0026TOP(BIGBANG) – High High, 지드래곤\u0026탑(빅뱅) – 하이 하이 @ Comeback Stage, Show Music core Live Update

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【TVPP】GD\u0026TOP(BIGBANG) – High High, 지드래곤\u0026탑(빅뱅) – 하이 하이 @ Comeback Stage, Show Music core Live
BIGBANG # 113 : GD\u0026TOP(BIGBANG) – High High at Show Music core Comeback Stage 20101225
BIGBANG : G-dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P, Daesung, Seungri
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 Update  【TVPP】GD\u0026TOP(BIGBANG) - High High, 지드래곤\u0026탑(빅뱅) - 하이 하이 @ Comeback Stage, Show Music core Live
【TVPP】GD\u0026TOP(BIGBANG) – High High, 지드래곤\u0026탑(빅뱅) – 하이 하이 @ Comeback Stage, Show Music core Live Update

HyBus | 하이버스 Update New

하이버스는 ARM Processor/FPGA 기반의 특화된 기술을 바탕으로 Embedded System 기반의 양산 제품과 검사 장비 분야 Leading 업체로 성장해 왔으며, 신뢰성 높은 양산 프로세스를 구축하여 품질 높은 제품을 국내 및 세계 유수의 회사에 공급하고 있습니다.

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김태우- High High (신사의 품격 OST Part 1) Update

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신사의 품격 OST Part 1

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 New  김태우- High High (신사의 품격 OST Part 1)
김태우- High High (신사의 품격 OST Part 1) Update New

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